Welcome to the unofficial PostNL PHP library documentation!

These API bindings make it easy to connect to PostNL’s CIF API, used for retrieving delivery options, printing shipment labels and finding shipment statuses.

  • It has a simple interface for connecting with either the legacy, SOAP or REST API.
  • Abstracts away direct requests to the API, allowing you to focus on the code itself. The object structure is based on the SOAP API.
  • Can merge PDF labels (both A6 and A4) and automatically sends concurrent requests when necessary, making batch processing a lot easier easier.
  • Follows PHP standards, some of them are:
    • PSR-7 interfaces for requests and responses. Build and process functions are provided so you can create your own mix of batch requests.
    • PSR-6 caching, so you can use your favorite cache for caching API responses.
    • PSR-3 logging. You can log the requests and responses for debugging purposes.
  • Framework agnostic. You can use this library with any framework.
  • A custom HTTP client interface so you can use the HTTP client of your choice. Using the Guzzle client is strongly recommended, because of its higher performance and superb error correction.
$postnl = new PostNL(...);
$timeframes = $postnl->getTimeframes(
    (new GetTimeframes())
            'CountryCode'   => 'NL',
            'StartDate'     => date('d-m-Y', strtotime('+1 day')),
            'EndDate'       => date('d-m-Y', strtotime('+14 days')),
            'HouseNr'       => 42,
            'PostalCode'    => '2132WT',
            'SundaySorting' => true,
            'Options'       => ['Daytime', 'Evening'],